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Receive Payments from the USA, EU and UK Easily with a Payoneer MasterCard...

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Living in South Africa can make it more difficult for anyone that gets paid from other countries in different currencies and if you want to receive payments from Paypal, Amazon, Facebook or many other companies you may not be able to. Payoneer is here to help and offers one of the world's leading payments services to receive and transfer money easily around the world. Sign up for free and open an account, make a deposit and request your prepaid MasterCard which is linked to an online account. You can then easily receive payments and draw the money at the ATM, spend it online or instore. If you prefer you can deposit your money directly from your Payoneer account to your own local bank account in South Africa or wherever you live around the world. If you work online in business, as an affiliate or freelancer and regularly receive payments in US Dollars, UK GBP or Euro then you will enjoy the convenience and security there is to offer. There are many other benefits including free fund transfers to other Payoneer account holders and if you have clients that need to pay you this can be done via credit card loading to your card. If you have been looking for an easier and faster way to receive money in South Africa, linked to a prepaid MasterCard with no credit checks or proof of employment required then why not sign up today - visit now
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There are no credit checks required to sign up for an account with Payoneer and you do not need to have proof of employment or be a citizen of South Africa. Please be aware that there will be currency conversion charges applicable when you use the prepaid MasterCard to shop or draw money in a different currency. You can use your MasterCard in South Africa and around the world at the ATM, to shop online in-store as well as pay accounts.

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 Free To Open a Payoneer Online Account
 No Credit Checks or Proof of Employment Required
 Receive Payments in South Africa Easily
 Offers Secure Chip & PIN Technology
 Spend Money on Card or Withdraw to Bank Account
 Use Your MasterCard in RSA & Around the World

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