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Need an Easy Way to Buy Prepaid Online in RSA? Powertime Can Help...

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If you have a prepaid electricity meter in your home then you know that there will be times when you will forget to recharge and run out of electricity which can be quite irritating. Powertime is here to help and offers an easy and convenient way for anyone to recharge prepaid electricity in South Africa as well as prepaid airtime. Whether you are looking for a solution for your home or business or would like to recharge multiple meters then the service has a lot to offer. You can pay easily using your credit card, via EFT or using PayGenius and if you live in certain areas around the country you can also use Powertime to easily pay municipal bills. The service also allows you to track your average electricity consumption and will notify you when you electricity could be low. If you refer friends to use Powertime you can also receive a cash back reward which will be credited to your online wallet. If you are someone that uses prepaid electricity at home or in your office or you have to recharge a friend of family members meter regularly then there is definitely a lot of benefit to using the service. If you prefer there is also a mobile application available for popular devices to make your life even easier, why not sign up today - visit now
Signing up with Powertime to buy prepaid electricity and airtime is free and there is no extra charge to purchase electricity using the service. Note that not all municipalities support the service and you can view the list of areas and utilities that do by visiting the homepage and scrolling down. If you qualify for Free Basic Electricity (FBE) tokens these will still be received automatically when you make your first purchase of the month.

Why Sign Up Free to Buy Prepaid with Powertime...

 Free Signup in a Few Minutes
 Buy Prepaid Electricity and Airtime
 Earn Cash When You Refer a Friend
 Secure and Convenient Prepaid Purchases
 No Extra Charges to Buy Electricity
 Application Available for Mobile Devices

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