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Need a loan, what about some money saving & money management tips?

Anyone using the Loans Online South Africa website could probably use some money management tips and we are here to help with some ideas that will hopefully help you manage money, save and maybe even make a little extra. Remember that these are tips and for any serious financial matters please speak to someone with more experience and if you have any problems with debt then possibly seek debt counselling services to assist you.

If you find any errors on this page, have any comments or suggestions or have any ideas for things to add then please email hello[AT] and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Keep reading and get your finances in order and remember that if you need a loan you can apply FREE to all the loan providers on this website, just visit the home page or use the menu above to browse your options.


Whilst you may love talking for hours on your mobile phone or spending over your limit or monthly budget on your credit card when you have to pay the bill at the end of the month you often regret having spent that much. Whilst switching to prepaid may initially be quite difficult once you have adjusted you could potentially save a lot of money in bank charges and wasted time on the phone. Using prepaid wherever possible makes a lot of sense and also allows you to budget better in advance, if you can pay off and close your credit card you can even switch to a prepaid credit card easily.

Use prepaid electricity and airtime...

Powertime is an excellent option for buying prepaid via EFT or credit card in South Africa and when you sign up free you will be able to buy prepaid airtime, prepaid electricity as well as pay municipal bills whenever you need to using your phone, PC or tablet. If you want a simple and efficient service for recharging most prepaid then it is an excellent idea and there is even a Refer a Friend program that allows you to earn cash back as well as a mobile app available. Forget ever having to rush to the shop to buy electricity again, why not sign up today using the Promo Code SIM10 - visit now
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Most people will know about Gumtree and OLX and these are popular classifieds sites in South Africa and you will often pick up a bargain there. There are also other alternatives for cheap shopping online in South Africa and in many cases it is often much cheaper to buy online if you shop around as opposed to your local store.

Buy and sell at online auctions...

A good site for cheap shopping in South Africa that you are likely to have heard of or have used is Bid or Buy and if you haven't used it recently, it has expanded into a fully-fledged shopping site where you can get just about anything (within reason). There are a lot of features available on the Bid or Buy website and whether you are looking for a new car, fashion, electronics or even property you will find it on Bid or Buy. There are also low price deals available with crazy auctions as well as a Stores feature where you can shop at low prices. If you enjoy online shopping or are looking to make some money selling online then it is well worth signing up free - visit now
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Shop for comparison insurance and save...

If you have been looking for just about any kind of insurance in South Africa then most likely you will be able to find a better deal at YouInsure. Working with many of the leading insurance companies in the country means that by completing a single contact form on the website you can quickly get insurance quotes to compare savings and benefits. With average savings of over 25% you can get comparison quotes for car insurance, business insurance, life insurance, funeral insurance, hospital insurance and motor warranties. Before you pay too much for a new policy or change an existing policy why not see how much they can help you save on insurance - visit now
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Freecycle South Africa

Get things you need for free...

What could be cheaper than free and if you are looking for something that you can't afford or can't find anywhere else or have stuff you don't want or can't sell then joining The Freecycle Network South Africa (for free!) is an excellent idea. Basically Freecycle is a community of people that recycle things instead of throwing them in the bin. There is a message board which allows you to post requests or offer items to give-away, not for sale. If you hate throwing things away that could still be put to good use or are looking for stuff for free then this is for you, so why not request to join the group today in South Africa or around the world - visit now
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